Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Invasion of The Body Snatchers - 1956, Movie

Surprisingly good acting in this great 50's allegory for communism.


JeremyRyanCarr said...

Peckinpah also played a meter reader.

JeremyRyanCarr said...

Also why is the acting so surprising to you? The cast is chock full of good actors.
Also, also: Since its release, the film has been believed by many to be a cautionary allegory, with the pods representing either Communists or McCarthyists. Director Don Siegel always denied both interpretations, saying he never meant to make anything more than an alien invasion story.
So for whatever that's worth.

D-£ said...

Settle down film guy. I just didn't remember the acting being all that great the first time I saw this, and it surprised me how good it really was.

JeremyRyanCarr said...

You're dumb! I hate you! How can you not think that this is the most well acted film of all time!?!