Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Road House- 1989, Movie

In a world gone mad, Swayze is our only hope.


JeremyRyanCarr said...

This film asks you to believe four things.
1) That somehow bouncers can be famous for being bouncers.
2) That the police are incapable of maintaining law and order OR that they have no jurisdiction within said "road house".
3) That a megalomaniac, possibly mobbed up Ben Gazzara can strike it rich by extorting small businesses in a Missouri back water.
4) That Patrick Swayze is awesome and can totally beat up anyone.

Beth said...

I think that expanding upon your review immediately after your review in the comments section violates the "10 Words" spirit.

JeremyRyanCarr said...

I disagree. I feel that the very purpose of the comments section is to elaborate. Either through discussion or by additional information. Also, my comment here was hilarious.