Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hackers- 1995, Movie

Absolutely terrible. I don't know why I even watched it.


D-£ said...

Yeah but look at all the cool old Macs that are in it. Plus Matthew Lillard, "Spandex is a privilege not a right." And the guy from Short Circuit.

Apart from those three things it is terrible.

Oh wait and Teller is in it, isn't he? That's awesome too.

JeremyRyanCarr said...

The guy from Short Circuit (AWESOME!) is Fisher Stevens whom I actually quite enjoy despite the fact that he is mostly in crap like Hackers. I also think Matthew Lillard is more talented than he lets on but that's hard to prove. He needs to separate himself from Freddy Prinz Jr's jock.
Fisher Stevens was Iggy in the Super Mario Bros movie as well. That movie also sucks but my mom took me to see it back in the day.