Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tin Man - 2007, TV

Sci-fi re-imagining of Oz. Compelling premise, steampunk touches, falls flat.


D-£ said...

ok so, remember that episode of The Tick were he is on a vision quest and gets distracted by a shiny thing. I work with a guy who exactly like that when it comes to movies and stuff and he spent like 15 minutes yesterday telling me how awesome this show was.

JeremyRyanCarr said...

It really wasn't that awesome. It could have been, it came very close in parts, but it came up short time and time again. It's not that it was bad but for the life of me I can't fathom why it was 6 hours long. You could have done it in 3 tops. But the set design and the steampunk technology was very cool. Also the performances were solid but very often you got the impression that the actors were standing around because there wasn't enough script.

Beth said...

Shut up, steampunk. Shove it up your pretentious Wellsian cakehole.