Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Golden Delicious by Mike Doughty - 2008, Music

Better than Haughty, with a smaller sound. Still just "meh"


JeremyRyanCarr said...

I think Haughty was actually better than this album. Much more... well melodic with superior compositions, more interesting though not necessarily better songs, and smarter lyrics. Though this is his Soul Coughingiest album to date despite the aforementioned "smaller sound". He's getting back into samples and loops which he's been experimenting with live for about two years now. All in all a good album with real standouts but not his strongest solo effort.
FYI Buy it on iTunes because that is the only place you can get it with a bonus twelfth track, his cover of the Magnetic Fields' Book of Love. A song he has performed live several times but not recorded until now. You cannot get this track separate from the album and it is an iTunes Store exclusive.

AP said...

Wow. Literally right as you posted your comment, I was buying this CD at Best Buy.

If I had seen it earlier, I would have bought it on iTunes.

AP said...

Oh, and you cant buy Book Of Love by itself?

Son of a bitch.

Beth said...

The album cover looks like something Raffi would come up with.

AP said...

So I got a chance to listen to the whole thing, and while it's good, I think Haughty Melodic was better. None of the songs on the album really grabbed me instantly, except for Navigating by the Stars at Night. Oh, and his cover of Book of Love is very good.